What a Co-working space meant to me

What a Co-working space meant to me

Hey there folks! I am very very sad to inform you all that this is officially my last post for Think Tank Glasgow. After several meetings with my Advisor of Studies I am resitting one of my exams to boost my grade so I decided to focus only on revision and next year’s reading list. That makes me say that this will be my last week at the office. Quite gutted. However, like most people say, never say never! Who knows if I will be back next summer or Easter Holidays? We will see!

For now on, I am facing how things have worked and trying to encourage myself to return to the quiet library and buy a new colourful set of pens to make my revision brighter. But most importantly, today I am writing about my experience as an intern with Boyd Digital and Think Tank Glasgow. I felt greatly welcome from the beginning of the intern and all the team made my first few weeks very easy and comfortable. The working atmosphere was always very flexible and positive. The table tennis competitions were always an option for small breaks and gatherings together for a casual coffee. Every person who I worked with offered me  help and advice which I was very grateful of, as starting a job in a new environment is not easy.

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I want to give a big thank you to Grant Ruxton; for all the support and help he has provided me during my internship and for always taking into accounts any of my ideas. All the trainings and team talks were extremely useful and they always encouraged me to push my hardest at the tasks given! I feel extremely honoured for being part of the useful trainings and presentations. I also want to give a big thank you to all the team for helping me throughout this past weeks and hearing my irritating questions ‘what has just happened?’ ‘How does this work?’- Apologies for that.

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The three Interns at Think Tank


I have nothing negative to say about Think Tank. After my stay, all I can say is that I will recommend to anyone undertake this internship, just like I did. I have learnt a lot from very skilled people which is useful to apply both to the real world and the marketing field. It has been a very stimulating experience which I will never forget. I wish the best to Boyd Digital and Think Tank and I hope to see the team soon. You guys are great and I will miss you all!

Lots of love,

Laura Arcos